Terms & Conditions Workiz currently offers the following limited-time promotion for all new WorkizPay users. If Pro signs up to use WorkizPay between 16 January 2023 to 16 February 2023, Workiz will waive transaction fees (up to a total value of fees applicable to $10,000 of transactions for a period of 30 days) from the date of activation.

Pros will receive a gift card, in the sum of all net fees applicable during the first 30 days of using WorkizPay (valued at no more than US $350). The gift card will be sent directly to the Pro via email. To be eligible for this promotion, Pro must join WorkizPay and start accepting card transactions during the designated promotion period. Pros who join WorkizPay after 16 February 2023 or who cancel their Workiz subscription will not be eligible for this promotion.

Pros who engage in fraudulent activities or are rejected by Stripe will also not be eligible. In addition, where applicable, Pro’s Stripe KYC status must be changed to ‘enabled’, ‘approved’, or ‘enabled limited’ by the designated launch date.

This promotion is limited to the first 50 Pros who join WorkizPay through a dedicated link shared by their account executive or via our marketing campaign. The promotion is subject to change at any time without notice.

All of the above is subject to our main Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy