JDog’s mission is to employ and empower veterans through their franchise opportunities. As such, they offer a low-cost opportunity; including training, support, and a proven business model. JDog’s unique brand identity helps differentiate themselves from other junk removal services by being veteran-owned and operated–resulting in exponential growth. And while this is a good problem to have, it’s still a problem worth solving.

The challenge

As JDog Junk Removal & Hauling continued to grow, they were challenged with managing their field service operations. They were using paper-based systems, which made it difficult to manage technicians and track their jobs. They needed a more efficient system that would allow them to streamline their operations and scale their business.

The solution

This is when JDog turned to the Workiz field service management platform. Jerry chose Workiz because their cloud-based software helps manage field service operations in real-time. He was especially interested in the platform’s constantly evolving features like scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and the built-in communications suite.

Jdog The Solution Graph V234514

With the help of Workiz, JDog was able to automate their operations and work more efficiently.

Through their unique reporting capabilities JDog was able to measure key performance metrics like revenue and job completion rates to ensure their business stayed on the right track. From managing technicians and jobs to quickly responding to customer inquiries and reporting–Workiz came through with everything they needed in one convenient platform.

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The results

In addition to its junk removal business, JDog expanded its services to include carpet cleaning. They used the same model for their carpet cleaning business, which included employing and empowering veterans. They have since been able to grow their carpet cleaning business to over 30 locations in just 4 years. JDog Junk Removal also saw significant growth with over 20% more franchisors and 10% more territories.

If we were still operating the way we were, our operations department would be 100% overwhelmed. Katie Miller, Franchise Success Manager, JDog Brands

JDog’s success is due in part to their commitment to their mission and their focus on providing exceptional service to their customers. And Workiz played a key role in helping them achieve their goals by providing a platform that allowed them to scale their operations and streamline processes.

Watch the video to hear JDog’s full story: