For field service providers, this heatwave can pose some unique challenges. After all, you’re still expected to arrive at the client’s home and make sure whatever fix you perform is resistant to weather conditions. While it may seem daunting, there are ways to ensure that you can still provide field service during the heatwave and give your customers the best possible experience.

What should you always carry during a heatwave?

One of the main things you can do is to be prepared. This means making sure you have all the necessary equipment before heading out to a job. Here are some of the most important things to help you survive the extreme temperatures and still get some work done:

Cool yourself

It goes without saying that the first and most important you need is a functional AC (in your vehicle) so you won’t show up at the job site sweaty and out of breath. If your cooling unit doesn’t work for some reason, bring a fan – even a small one – and place it next to the driver’s seat.

Stay hydrated

Even the most experienced service pro can get dehydrated. In fact, you should carry a bottle of water both for yourself and for your clients. Nobody wants to handle a field service tech who is barely hanging on due to heat exhaustion or call 911 while staying at the job site to keep an eye on a fainted client.

Wear light clothing

If your business requires wearing a uniform, make sure to pick the right clothes to wear under it – loose, light-colored clothing made from breathable fabric. Most sports clothing is made of such fabric.

Don’t forget sunscreen

You might not be spending that much time outdoors, but sunscreen is a must if you are. Otherwise, you’ll end up with burns that would make performing labor nearly impossible and, in most cases, extremely painful. Just spray yourself before starting your day, and don’t settle for an SPF lower than 20.

Watch your working hours

If possible, book more jobs at night or during the early morning when temperatures are not the highest. During the warmest hours, typically 10 AM to 4 PM, limit your team to working indoors, and you’ll minimize the chances of them getting dehydrated while still getting maximum work done.

How can field service management software help?

Avoid missing calls

If you’re a field service pro, especially in the HVAC industry, your phone must have been ringing off the hook during the heatwave. That’s perfectly understandable, considering that people’s air conditioners tend to break down more often when it gets this hot. If you’re used to working with a regular phone system, though, you might not be prepared for the influx of calls.

A field service management software like Workiz includes an integrated phone system that places your clients in a queue during rush hours and can even take calls when no one is around. Plus, thanks to Workiz’s Online Booking option, your clients can also book your services via your website without ever waiting for a dispatcher to answer. But even if they’d rather hold the line until someone picks up, our call queuing feature will make sure their call is being answered at some point.

Run communications seamlessly

Your field service software should allow you to communicate with your clients in real time, so take advantage of that. If you’re running late due to traffic (as no one walks on foot when it’s so hot outside) or an issue with the car engine getting overheated, let your client know as soon as possible. The same goes for when you’re on your way – they’ll appreciate the heads up.

Reschedule if needed

In case you have to change the schedule due to heat-related incidents, field service management software will help you do that quickly and without any hassle. You can reschedule appointments in a few clicks or even automate the process using the Automation Center.

Be there for your team

Your employees are the most important asset you have as a field service business manager, but when heat is overwhelming, motivating them to go to work is no easy task. Use Workiz’s GPS capabilities to shorten the commutes (and days) as much as possible and uncover the tipping option to help clients reward them personally for providing excellent service. That is sure to brighten up their day!

Monitor inventory closely

As the demand for your services is high, so is your dependency on your appliance. And as temperatures rise, that appliance might easily get overheated, break, or simply become unusable due to a human error caused by the heat.

Since good appliance is difficult and expensive to come by, especially in the HVAC industry, we recommend you keep track of the current, usable inventory at hand. Workiz’s Inventory Management feature can keep count of your gear, tools, and vans on any given day and may save the familiar trouble of having to buy new tools at the very last minute.

To conclude

This summer is going to be a hot one, so make sure your field service business is ready for it! By putting your team first and using the right field service management software, you can make sure that your business runs smoothly, no matter the weather.

And if you’re on the lookout for field service management software to help you out this summer, check out Workiz! With its GPS capabilities, job scheduling features, and much more, Workiz can help you take your business to the next level. Book a 15-minute demo now!