Yet how many times have you left a screwdriver on a customer’s dining room table? An electrician tool vest will not only help you get organized but will also enable you to easily access your different-sized tools while dealing with circuit breakers, electrical wires, and when climbing ladders.

What is an Electrician Tool Vest and Why Use it?

So you’ve used a tool belt, and you have a tool bag. Why do you need an electrician tool vest?

Tool belts are great if you just need a few tools accessible. However, once you load it up, the belt can cause lower back pain and might even slide down, making for an uncomfortable fit.

Tool bags are great for storage. But sometimes it’s impossible to find exactly what you need in a timely fashion as they often turn into a black hole, with newer tools cluttered together with older tools.

While you can’t put every tool you own into an electrician tool vest, it holds a lot more than a simple belt. With an even distribution of pockets and weight, a tool vest is easier to wear for longer periods of time. Additionally, with more tools accessible, you can move from one task to another quickly and efficiently without having to constantly search for the tools you need.

But not every electrician tool vest is created equal. The number and sizes of the pockets and rings, material durability, comfort level, and fit are all factors to consider when choosing an electrician tool vest.

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Here are our Top 5 Picks for an Electrician Tool Vest

1. Under NY Sky Tool Apron / $31.96

For the price, this tool vest is a steal. Made from 100% heavy-duty oxford canvas, it has 10 reinforced big pockets and 7 more slots for hammers, a phone, pen, scissors, blades, screws, pencils, knives, and other tools. It also has 4 double-stitched loops as well as a magnetic patch to hold screws, nails, screwdriver, drill bits, pins, and bolts. The vest is adjustable for a variety of sizes and body types.

The Pros:

    • Price is budget-friendly
    • Adjustable straps to fit different sizes
    • Made with a sturdy fabric
    • Guaranteed refund if you’re not satisfied

The Cons:

    • The magnetic patch is not very strong
    • The shoulder pads move around making the fit sometimes uncomfortable.

For more details and to purchase, follow this link.

2. Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron / $49.99

Made with waxed cotton canvas, the Readywares vest has 12 pockets and 2 hammer loops. The double-layer hammer loops include a secondary loop for tools with a smaller diameter. The straps are adjustable to fit many body types. Readywares also boasts an easy on/off method. And their best feature? They’ve got a great guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back.

The Pros:

    • Made with a sturdy fabric
    • A budget-friendly price
    • Fits different sizes
    • Full refund if you’re not satisfied.

The Cons:

    • While the material is durable, the stitching in many areas is flawed and comes undone in certain places.

For more details and to purchase, follow this link.

3) Stanley Fatmax Tool Vest for Construction / $77

Stanley is a well-known, trustworthy name in the tool industry. Its tool vest sports multiple pockets to support a wide range of tools. The air mesh material allows the vest to breathe on your body and the lighter weight fabric makes it less cumbersome than other choices. Additionally, the adjustable shoulder straps enable a custom fit for different sizes.

The Pros:

    • Many different-sized pockets to accommodate a wide range of tools
    • Made with an air mesh breathable fabric
    • Adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit

The Cons:

    • Filling the upper pouches with tools causes the vest to become top-heavy and less comfortable.
    • As the tools are not secured tightly in the pouches, they fall out when you bend down.
    • Because the material is thinner, sharp tools can easily rip the fabric.

For more details and to purchase, follow this link.

4) Occidental 2575 Oxyflow Work Vest / $196.89 

Made in the USA, Occidental’s tool belt has 28 pockets and tool holders. It’s easy to swap out different tools for different projects. The edges and pockets are all reinforced with nylon to prevent rips and damage. The chest pockets are especially convenient for carrying pencils and a notepad. The vest is comfortable and the weight is evenly distributed when filled with tools. Also, the material is heavy and durable with an open back to promote air circulation.

The Pros:

    • Made with a sturdy fabric
    • Open back to promote airflow
    • Variety of pocket sizes and tool holders

The Cons:

    • The tools in the chest pockets that are not clipped on fall out when you bend down.
    • The vest runs on the larger side and is not a good fit if you have a smaller frame.

For more details and to purchase, follow this link.

5) Atlas 46 JourneyMESH™ Chest Rig with Cargo Pockets v2 / $219

Atlas 46, a US-based company, is known for its well-made tool vests, belts, and other accessories. In terms of durability, you get what you pay for. The material is strong and heavy. The vest itself is fairly basic, but Atlas 46 offers a variety of attachable add-ons like tool holsters, additional pouches, and magnetic strips. While these add-ons are sold separately, you have the option to easily customize your electrician tool belt.

The Pros:

    • Made with long-lasting durable material
    • Customizable to your needs

The Cons:

    • Pricey especially when you consider the cost of the add-ons.

For more details and to purchase, follow this link.

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Other Solutions

Sometimes one solution does not cover everything. And as an electrician, you might need a tool vest for one job and a tool bag or tool belt for a different job. The end goal is to make your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

In addition to an electrician tool vest or bag, more and more electricians are organizing themselves better by incorporating digital tools into their businesses. In fact, business management and scheduling software has become as essential to electricians as their physical tools and electrician tool vests.

Electrical contractor software is accessible and easy-to-use on your smartphone,  which can be conveniently placed in your electrician tool vest for easy access. From one place, you can manage your entire business like the true professional you are.

In fact, electricians who used the scheduling and dispatching software, Workiz, experienced a 22% increase in revenue. It’s that good.

Electrical contractor software will streamline your business processes and help you focus on what you do best, electrical work.

Standard Electrical Contractor Software includes features like:

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Invoicing and online payments
  • Automated customer alerts, updates, and reminders
  • Online and chatbot booking
  • Employee tracking
  • In-app service phone system
  • Route planning
  • Back office accounting and systems integration
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As an electrician, staying organized is the key to your success. With an electrician tool vest to hold your practical tools and electrical contractor software to manage your business processes, you will be able to grow your business with ease.