Having multiple electrical tool belts or bags can be a lifesaver. With numerous options available, there’s hardly a one-size-fits-all design to satisfy everyone. Like, say you need to carry your company phone on the job, but your phone doesn’t fit in the pouch—you wouldn’t want to damage company property!

So, invest in a variety of electrical tool bags and belts to cover different environments. In this roundup, we’ve selected 11 of the best for your money’s worth.

1. Milwaukee electrician’s Tool Belt

This 29-pouch nylon belt is perfect if you hate slouching tools. The electrical tool belt stands firm and upright on flat surfaces. Best of all? With its puncture-resistant pockets, your screwdrivers will never poke holes. Avoid overloading the belt though, as it may sag and chafe against your leg.

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2. Klein Tools Lineman Belt

If your waist can handle it, this slim belt can hold up to 300 lbs! Worried about chemicals on the job damaging your belt? This material is abrasion-free and resistant to creosote and pole treatment. It’s perfect if you need to wear and remove it quickly but lacks back padding at weight capacity.

3. Rack-A-Tiers Electrician Combo Belt and Bag

An electrician’s gear wears fast, but with a nylon-web core interior, this electrical tool bag-belt hybrid is durable. It also claims to be the first-ever “molded air channel belt” to offer back support and ventilation from heat. There are 9 large pockets, but you may find the screwdriver holes too small.

4. LAUTUS Top/Full Grain Leather Tool Pouch Bag

Perfect for light-duty work. There are 10 pockets for pliers, flashlights, a volt detector, pencils, pens, and long screwdrivers. Bad news? It comes very stiff and might be uncomfortable to use. Good news? Leather stretches over time.

5. Occidental Leather 9596 Adjust to Fit Industrial Pro Electricians Tool Bag Set

Electricians rave about the luxurious look and feel of Occidental’s leather, which molds to the shape of your tools, keeping them secured. Your nail pouch probably won’t have enough dividers to separate fasteners and wire nuts, but this is one of the best all-leather electrical tool bags around.

6. Gatorback B240 Electrician’s Combo with Pro-Comfort Back

Reaching smaller items in your belt can be a hassle. Gatorback’s box design and stitching allow you to grab tiny pieces by removing deep openings. It also has a breathable, comfortable and sweat-free design. The bulky bag won’t work with narrow ladders, but its pocket stitching guarantees ultimate support.

7. Occidental Leather 5093 Six-Bag Framer Belles System

Get a bag that doesn’t sit on your waistline; you’ll relieve stress off your hips and lower back and get a better range of motion. Although it’s leather, there are wide-padded shoulders to prevent sweating. The design carries tools with equal weight, but if you’re really tall, it might hang at an awkward angle, making tools hard to reach.

8. Bucket Boss Belt

If you’re, um, voluptuous, this electrical tool bag can fit a 52-inch waist. Dual hammer holders support both steel and long-handled hammers in the back. You should always keep the best electrician apps on your phone. Bucket Boss’ pocket only fits a 4.7-inch phone. You’ll have to carry larger devices.

9. DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag

Get an electrical tool bag with abrasion-free rubber feet for setting down on pavements. With this product’s pop-open design, you’ll never fiddle with a lock if your hands are full. Common complaints say the strap doesn’t last long, but it’s one of the most spacious bags on the market.

10. Veto Pro Pac MC Bag for Handling Tools

A go-to bag for troubleshooting and diagnostics. It’s the right size if you need to get into a crawl space and for larger projects. A downside is its lack of a basic holder for electrical tape or pencils on the outside.

11. Python Safety Single Tool Holster with Retractor – Belt

With its own drainage, this mini electrical tool belt holster remains dry with no worries about your tools rusting and rotting. Its high-visibility reflectors keep you safe and visible in the dark. You can’t fit many tools, but they stay in place with their magnetic systems.

Diversify your gear

Without a range of gear, your favorite belt may deteriorate faster. If you want to save money on electrical tool belts or bags, learn how electricians can shop and get special discounts on their equipment with Home Depot and Lowe’s pro membership program.

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