Your techs do more than just get the job done, they are also the face of your company to your customers. As representatives of your business, you must make sure they are delivering excellent service at all times. So how can field service techs improve customer satisfaction?

Here are 7 tips to ensure repeat customers and good reviews while also increasing your company’s reputation.

1. Give shorter appointment windows

Try to give the shortest window possible. In this day and age, everything is about convenience. Most customers are actually willing to pay more for an easier solution (such as a one-hour appointment window).

2. Send confirmation messages

Imagine purchasing an order online from amazon. You would expect a confirmation email, right? Well, customers expect the same experience from other services as well. When you get a job, it’s common courtesy to send a confirmation message. “Thank you for scheduling with us. We’ll be there at 2 PM. See you soon!” It makes a world of difference.

3. Have job reminders

It’s 2020, and personalized, real-time notifications and status updates go a long way. Whether you’re sending a text message or making a call, updating a customer about the status of your tech is crucial to keeping them satisfied. With Workiz automatic appointment reminders you can create an easy process to send “I’m on the way!” texts. If you’re late, give them a call and apologize. They’ve been expecting you, and let’s be honest, everyone hates to wait.

sms sent using workiz

4. Look professional

Make sure you are using a company vehicle that is marked with the company name, logo, and phone number. Show up in a uniform and with a name tag. These may be small details, but it will make the customer feel comfortable that you represent a professional company and take this business seriously.

two technicians standing near the car

5. Set expectations

Upon arrival, introduce yourself and explain what you are going to do before getting started to ensure that there are no surprises. Give an estimate of how long the job will take so that they know what to expect.

6. Be prepared and organized

At the end of the job, bring over an iPad or tablet for the client to sign. Using digital tools and collecting e-signatures (instead of papers that can easily be lost) creates a sense of professionalism. It also gives the impression that you have a thorough process that will build trust with your customers.

worker scheduling order on tablet

7. Send feedback requests:

Why do I call it a feedback request instead of a review request? Well, for you, the objective is to get a review. For your customer, it’s a feedback request. This will make them feel helpful and important. Try out Workiz automatic review tool, which sends your client an automated SMS as soon as the job is completed. Create a clear and kind message to thank them for choosing you. Reviews are what build service companies in the long run. This can literally make or break it for your business.

Bottom line?

 Boost Your Customer Service = Boost Your Revenue.

Try out Workiz today to help you improve your customer service and get more jobs!

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