When water gets trapped, it can leak inside a home or even cause structural damage as the wood rots from moisture. With these problems in mind, you can see the importance of gutter cleaning services for homeowners. 

Starting a gutter cleaning business can make for an excellent business venture due to the low startup costs and consistent demand. Many homeowners do not have the time or tools for a proper gutter cleaning. If you are interested in starting a gutter cleaning business, you may be curious about the steps to get started. 

This article will cover how to start a gutter cleaning business and the potential success you can achieve from it. 

What is a gutter cleaning business? 

Gutter cleaning businesses are part of the $8 billion U.S exterior cleaning industry. This kind of business aims to remove the debris from a rain gutter system to ensure water flows properly. While removing debris sounds like a simple process, there is risk involved. Since gutter systems sit near a home’s roof, homeowners need to climb a tall ladder to reach the gutters. 

In most cases, homeowners prefer to pay professionals for this maintenance task than risk potential injury. Gutter cleaning professionals have the correct tools and experience to clean a home’s gutters safely. A business can remove all debris within an hour and leave the gutter looking spotless. 

These services can be offered as a standalone cleaning or be an add-on to additional services like gutter installation. You can choose to do gutter cleaning only for your customers if you are starting. As you continue to offer gutter cleaning services, you can expand to other services in the future. 

Gutter Cleaner

What are the steps to start a gutter cleaning business? 

When starting a service business, you need to follow a series of steps before you can start selling your services to customers. These steps can be broken into three categories: purchasing equipment, registering your business, and marketing. 

Step 1: Purchasing equipment

If you want to start a service business, you will need to purchase the necessary tools and supplies for the job. The equipment will take up a bulk of the startup costs for your business, but it’s a vital investment to make. You want the best tools and equipment for your employees, so they can efficiently clean gutter systems.

Step 2: Registering a business

This step in starting a business will take the most time, but it’s a necessary step to provide services legally. You will start by forming a legal entity, typically a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Once you’ve formed your business, you should set up your business’s finances and taxes. 

You should register for taxes and open a business account with your local bank to keep track of your expenses. If you have company vehicles, a business owner must register these with the local business licensing office. Lastly, you should have the correct business insurance covering worker’s compensation and general liability. 

Step 3: Marketing your services

Once you have everything established, you can start helping homeowners with their gutter cleaning. As a new business, you won’t have word-of-mouth marketing and will need to invest in advertising. There are numerous methods to market your services, so you should test which one works best.  

Do gutter cleaning businesses require a license?

While gutter cleaning does not require a specific certification or license, you must apply for a general business license. All businesses need to form a legal entity and receive a license to operate in their service area. Business owners obtain a license for their gutter cleaning business from a local regulatory office. 

Along with a business license, a business must apply for specialized permits. An example of a permit you will need for your business is a sales tax permit. The licenses will differ depending on your state, with some states requiring a gutter cleaning business to apply for a contractor’s license. 

Is there a demand for gutter cleaning services? 

The demand for gutter cleaning services depends on the location of the business. In tropical climates, the demand for services is year-round, and you can pack your schedule daily with jobs. There will be no shortage of debris falling from trees and water overflowing in a gutter system. 

However, there may be shorter cleaning seasons in colder climates where it doesn’t rain as frequently. Business owners will likely see peak demand for their services in the fall seasons, as leaves fall from trees. When debris freezes in the gutter during the winter, it becomes almost impossible to remove it properly. 

How much can I earn by starting a gutter cleaning business? 

Your earning potential as a business depends on the size of your team and the price of your services. Gutter cleaning services typically range from $75-$100 for single-story homes and $145-$165 for homes with multiple stories. Most cleaning jobs can be completed with an efficient team and system within one hour. 

When you factor in drive time and speaking with customers, you can expect to complete 5-6 homes per day. With an average cost of $100, you can earn $500-$600 per day as a business owner. However, not all of these earnings from your services will be profit. The earnings will be used to pay salaries, taxes, and business expenses. 

These earnings are a rough estimate, as you can earn more or less depending on your business plan. You can earn much more from your gutter cleaning business with multiple employees. If you want to operate as a one-person business, you will earn less but don’t pay employee salaries. 

What are the initial costs of starting a gutter cleaning business? 

One of the main advantages of starting a gutter cleaning business is the low initial costs of the business model. Most sources estimate that a gutter cleaning business can be started with less than $2,000. However, these costs can depend on how much you want to invest in your business. 

While you can start a business with less than $2,000, it doesn’t leave much funding for expenses that will improve your business. Business owners can speed up the success of their business by investing in things like marketing. While you don’t need to pay for marketing, new businesses benefit from paid advertising. 

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Which tools and equipment are required for gutter cleaning?

If you want to do an excellent job for your customers, you will need the correct tools for the job. There are various ways to clean a rain gutter system, but professionals typically use the same methods. These tools and equipment will deliver the fastest and cleanest results for homeowners. 

The essential tools and equipment for gutter cleaning are: 

  • Company Vehicle
  • Ladders
  • Safety Equipment (gloves, glasses, helmets, etc.)
  • Pressure Washer
  • Leaf Blower
  • Buckets and Tarps

As a business owner, you want to invest in high-quality tools and equipment that ensure the safety of your workers. You want to emphasize using safety equipment and taking the proper approach to the cleaning service. There are also non-essential tools such as vacuums and ladder stabilizers that make the service easier for the workers. 

How can I market a gutter cleaning business and get more customers? 

If you want your business to succeed, you will need to focus on acquiring customers. You will likely have competition in your area, so you will need to devise a plan to make customers choose you over your competition. In 2022, advertising has changed for service businesses compared to the past. 

Marketing methods like print advertising, billboards, and TV commercials aren’t as effective. These advertising methods are also more expensive for a business that is starting. When starting your business, you should focus on marketing online and getting the word out about your business. 

Create an online presence by building a website and focusing on PPC advertising. Along with online advertising, you can get more customers by going door-to-door and selling your services to homeowners. By selling your services within neighborhoods, you can complete more gutter cleaning services in one day. You won’t have to drive far to reach the next home to clean. 


Gutter cleaning is a low-cost business venture that can start from a one-person company into a large business. If you want to succeed in this industry, you need to emphasize safety and purchase premium equipment that will last for years. Get started building your own gutter cleaning business today! 

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