5 Amazing Electrical Websites to Show You How It’s Done

When it comes time to find an electrician, having a clean, attractive website is a great way to make a great first impression on a potential client.

We at Workiz have perused the internet to find 5, outstanding electrical website ideas for your electrician business.

Read on to see some great examples of electrical websites done right, to help you take your website to the next level.

West Side Electric Company

West Side Electric Company is a top website design for electricians.

They’ve made it blissfully easy to get in touch, with their phone number prominently displayed on the upper, right hand-side of their site.

They’re crystal clear on the services they provide (residential and commercial) and put symbols of trust on their site such as positive customer recommendations, while letting you know that they’ve been in business since 1961 (an impressive feat by no means.)

To top it off, they give customers the added convenience of paying for services online, freeing up their dispatchers and phone line for services that require a human touch.


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A.D.I. Electrical Services

A.D.I. Electrical Services is another one of our favorite electrical websites.

Here’s why…

It’s bright, colorful, shows a great hero-shot of a beautiful, well-lit home, and lists their contact number in a way that’s visually striking – in a different color.

They also show services they’ve just completed, list services and their prices so there are no surprises later.

In addition, they have a Contact Form to capture leads who are not quite yet ready to buy, have questions, but are not the type to call in. 

Stapleton Electric Inc.

There are so many reasons why we’ve a fan of Stapleton Electric Inc.’s site.

The site’s hierarchy is crystal clear,  which makes browsing the site a breeze.

The site is blazing fast, mobile-responsive, and does a great job of listing the services they offer.

They also have a great blog that regularly updates, with added-value info for any site browser facing an electrical issue.

Additionally, they list their various accreditations from trusted organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Safety Authority, Work Safe BC, and more, giving browsers a feeling of trust. 

Molloy Electric

Molloy Electric is a great example of what to do for a great website design for electricians.

Here’s what they get right…

There’s a great hero shot on the website (which also lets you know that they’re on call 24-7 for emergencies), with bright, standout colors, and a cute, graphical company logo that’s on-brand.

The about page (i.e. one of the most read pages on your site,) is personal, and tells customers a story with a face behind the brand.

They also show and tell recent projects on their blog, to give you an idea of their expertise, and list prominent clients, like Popeyes chicken, Aerosoles and more. 

J Barry Electrical

Here’s why we’re a fan of J Barry Electrical’s website.

This is a site that’s designed for user action and conversion.

At the top, right-hand side you see a clear, brightly colored CTA (Call-to-action button,) asking users to contact/book a free consult.

They provide click-to-call services, outline the steps for an interested customer to receive service, their about page is personal, their site is bold and colorful, yet simple and straight to the point.

Combine that with happy customer reviews, a map showing their location and service area, and a lead form for those who prefer email, this is a great site to get your electrical website ideas from.

Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

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