5 of the Best Cleaning Websites to Show You How It’s Done

Cleaning might be a messy job, but there’s no reason why cleaning websites need to be. If you’re looking for ideas to up your cleaning or maid website game, then you’ve come to the right place!

We at Workiz have scoured the internet far and wide to find five, excellent examples of the best cleaning websites. Check them out to get inspired and see how the experts do it.

First Up Cleaning Services

For us, First Up Cleaning Services ticks all the boxes of great cleaning websites.

Their phone numbers are prominently displayed at the top of the pages, and they’re clear on the services they provide: residential, commercial and specialty.

Moreover, their site is designed to drive conversions, with a prominent “Book Now” button which leads to an online booking form.

This allows them to cater to those who wouldn’t necessarily call in to book.

They’re clear on their certifications, have a helpful FAQ page and display positive customer reviews to inspire confidence.


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Iconic Cleaning Services

If there was ever a website designed to inspire action, it’s Iconic Cleaning Services.

With a prominent number at the top, left-hand corner of the site, they also cater to those who hate to interact by phone – advertising that customers can text for a free quote.

They have free, instant quotes available on site, a contact form designed to capture leads who don’t want to book quite yet, online chat, and a mobile responsive website.

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee and prominently display the payment methods they accept. We’d call this a winner for cleaning and maid sites everywhere. 

Prestige Commercial Cleaning

The Prestige Commercial Cleaning is another one of the best cleaning websites we’ve seen.

With a lightning-quick load time and a strong hero-shot, it’s crystal clear that they provide commercial and power washing in the Quad City Area, leaving 0 room for customer confusion.

With free quotes offered on site, excellent before and after pictures, they clearly show the value they provide to prospective customers.

They also have a page of savings and discounts, for those looking to take advantage of a great deal.

Lambert Cleaning

Lambert Cleaning is another great example of one of the best cleaning websites we’ve seen.

The site is colorful, their logo is fun and personal, but they’ve got a few things that make them really stand out.

They feature online payment, a client portal for clients to manage services, and discounts for committing to a recurring cleaning schedule (like weekly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly cleaning appointments.)

For us, this is one of the cleaning and maid websites that makes the grade.

My Clean

My Clean leaves nothing left to be desired for a cleaning site.

They make it easy to get in touch, show the areas they serve, and have an amazing drop-down so you can get an idea of what their services cost before booking.

They also advertise using green products, insured and bonded cleaners and prominently display media mentions, such The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and more.

They list and link to their ratings on Yelp, so you can read other’s experiences before committing and even offer online booking.


Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

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