Business Data And Statistics

The statistics page is an all in one tool for figuring out your business strengths and weaknesses. You can get an overview of how your business is performing by any time frame and analyze cancelation rate, profits by jobs and revenue from your advertising campaigns.

See the real data of your gross and net income for any given time range. The graphs show you data by month, week or day so you can compare and conclude if sales are increasing and how much is left after parts and commissions.

How Are
Your Ads

Many businesses see the same common issue, money being poured into advertising that simply does not work.
Workiz allows you to manage ad codes for every job. Combine those with efficient call tracking and you can know dollar for dollar which campaign is bringing in profit and which is a total waste of your time.

Find Your

Different employees bring different results, that’s something any business owner knows.
On your tech performance tab you can see the real numbers for:
How well your techs are performing
Who has the best average cost per job
Who has the highest cancellation rate.
Are you paying too much commissions for sub contractors?

Analyze Profits
Down To The Neighborhood

The area performance gives you the same data about gross, profits, averages and cancelations by metro, city and zip code. You can now maximize your online campaigns by dropping areas that have a huge cancelation rate or simply aren’t generating enough profit.

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