New Dashboard

Meet Your New And Improved Dashboard!

Finally, after weeks of hard work and testing, our new dashboard is live and ready for you to use!
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New Dashboard Mobile Op

The dashboard has a new innovative design that gives you a 360° view of your entire business. Track your operations and see your job performance in just one glance. With 15 available widgets, you can now completely customize your home page view and get quick insights into your revenue, performance, workload, jobs, and much more!

When you are able to see how each area of your business is doing, and which techs are performing best, you can double down on the areas of your business that need improvement and scale faster than ever before!

How Does it Work?

  1. Log into your Workiz account
  2. The dashboard will appear on your home page
  3. At any point, if you want to return to the dashboard you can simply click on the Workiz logo on the top left side of the page

The dashboard works as a “mini navigation” and you can easily click on a widget that you are interested in and be redirected to find more information about that specific topic. 

workiz dashboard

So, What Can You Do With the New Dashboard?

Track Your Performance

See your team’s scoreboard, your job performance, and your sales and revenue in one glance. You can easily see how many jobs have been submitted, recent activity, number of estimates pending, new leads, and much more!

track performance

Choose the Reports
You Want to See

Mark the widgets you want to appear on your home dashboard. You can choose from 15 different widgets to have on your main board: Invoices, Estimates, Today’s Updates, Coming Up, Jobs, Recent Activity, Top Job Types, Service Areas, Top Sources, Leads, Jobs by Status, Recent Calls, Top Call Flows, Tech Scoreboard, and Dispatch Scoreboard.

Decide What Widgets Team Members Will Have Access to

You can decide what team members will be able to view specific widgets. By default, all widgets are only visible to admin users. If you’d like to find out how to share your dashboard with the rest of your team, click here to view the full article.
dashboard - restrictions
drag and drop dashboard

Arrange Your
Dashboardas You Like

Customize your dashboard based on your needs by dragging and dropping. This way you can decide what the most important widgets are, add them to your dashboard, and arrange them as you’d like. This can be updated at any point.

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