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“Once we figured out that we need an app to do all of this, Workiz is hands down better than the other ones that we tried.”

– Ron McCully, owner of Haul-My-Mess

How Haul-My-Mess Saves 972 Hours a Year with Workiz

About Haul-My-Mess

Haul-My-Mess is leading junk removal and dumpster rental company located in Cleveland, Ohio, which has been in business since 2008. 

Rated 4.5 stars on Yelp, owner Ron McCully, prides himself on providing quality, professional services to his customers. 

“While we may not be the cheapest, the value that we bring to our customer is ease. We promise our customers that we will make this as easy of a process as possible.”

The Old Way Just Wasn’t Working

Almost two years ago, Ron realized he needed a better way to manage his customer and job information, often having to painstakingly enter customer details into five separate systems – instead of just one. 

His office was also covered in mountains of paperwork, which made life messy, and stressful – not to mention, impossible to monitor and track vital trends in his business.

18 months ago, Ron decided to take a leap and got started with a field service software alternative. But, it didn’t go well. And neither did the other two options he tried afterwards…. 

“They were really buggy, and a much higher price.” Also, they were made for a larger company than we are. We have between three to 10 employees depending on the season, and it wasn’t worth paying what they were asking.”


Fourth Time’s a Charm 

Workiz was actually the fourth field service software that Ron decided to test. And, he says, that has made all of the difference in his business. 

“There are quite a few different apps that we were using, which are all rolled into this system.“


No More Double Entries 

Now, instead of having to repeatedly enter information into multiple systems, and waste time updating QuickBooks, Google Contacts, Google Maps, invoicing software, Docusign, and Mailchimp, everything is streamlined, updated and ready-to-go from one entry into Workiz. 

This means no more having to text drivers the contact details of customers, unnecessary phone calls to confirm customer appointments and having to fish for customer details from notepads and stacks of paperwork – because it’s all located and accessible in Workiz.

972 Hours Saved a Year with Workiz 

From all this, Ron estimates that he saves one man-hour of work a day for himself and his two employees. 

This translates to 18 hours a week, 81 hours a month or 972 hours a year total. 

“The reason why we decided to go with Workiz was to save time. 

I don’t have to constantly copy names and phone numbers to different apps. 

And then when it comes down it, once we figured out that we need an app to do all of this, your app is hands down better than the other ones that we tried.”


Set Up Is a Breeze 

What Ron especially loves about Workiz, is how easy it was to get up and running, and the awesome support he gets, when he needs it. 

“Yours is self-service, which I like.

With the other (field service software) companies there was actually an onboarding process that took a while.” 

You had to sign up for the service and of course they started charging you from day one and they couldn’t even onboard you for at least 10 days.”

Another company took about 14 days and they didn’t even have as many features as you guys.”


“The Support is Amazon Quality”

“I also think finding help with you guys (Workiz) is like finding help with Amazon.

I can literally get on chat with you guys and in a matter of seconds or moments I can get a response.

Usually someone is back to me within 30 minutes if I have an issue.

For the last company I was with it took days.

They didn’t have a chat. They didn’t have a phone number. I had to email someone and wait for them to get back to me or email me and ask me to set up a time to talk.”


Reporting Gives You Both Hindsight and Foresight into Your Business

Something else that Ron loves is Workiz’s reporting, which allows him to look at trends over time in his business, something that was impossible to do with the old method of pen and paper. 

“Before this I had a piece of paper where everyday I would write my sales and that served me fine.

Now I can look in my reporting and say, how much money did we make 6 months ago? How much money did we make the 3rd week of December? How many dumpster rental jobs vs. junk removal jobs did we have?”


Perfect for Mobile Businesses 

Now, Ron is at the point where he can run almost his entire business operations from his cell phone. 

“You know we’re a mobile business, I’m often in the streets, I’m running around doing stops or running errands. I’m literally at the grocery store sometimes when a customer calls and I don’t have to pull out a notepad and pen, or anything like that.

I go straight to the Workiz app and enter their info.”


Part of their Five-Year Plan

Ron is looking forward to scaling his business with Workiz, and adding additional employees, with plans to expand to three locations in the next five years. 

“You guys are definitely part of our five-year plan. It’s going to make our job easier and take more stuff off of our plate and that’s really what it’s all about.”

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