Workiz Launches Financial Restrictions For Users (And The World Rejoices…)


Financial Restrictions – What are they and why do you need them?

Not everyone who uses your Workiz account should have access to your financial info, like job pricing, estimate information, financial stats in reporting, etc.  Maybe it’s subcontractors you work with or it could even be your technicians that you don’t want to have access to this info- in Workiz it’s completely up to you.

It’s real talk time…

Many field service softwares just don’t have this feature.
And…if they do? It’s usually* a checkbox that you tick for a very “one-size fits all” approach to permissions (and usually limited to your techs.)

The Workiz Difference:

At Workiz we like to dig deep and let you have as much control over your application  permissions as possible. Your business – your way, baby! So, you can set up this restriction for ANY user role. It’s completely up to you. Setting it up is easy and takes only seconds.

Decide on the user role you want this to apply to (or create a new one), and click the Financial Data toggle to restrict access. That’s all it takes (seriously…)

Want detailed instructions to set up financial restrictions for your user roles?

Click the link and let’s get you set up!

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