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The Home Depot Pro Desk vs. Lowe’s Pro Desk: The Complete Service Pro’s Guide to Saving Thousands Every Year

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Both Home Depot and Lowes offer membership programs that claim to save service pros money with special perks, rewards, and discounts. But, how do you know which one is better?

To help you choose, we’ve created a complete guide comparing Home Depot Pro Desk and Lowe’s Pro Desk to see which one helps you save the most money while helping you grow your business.

Home Depot Pro Desk

What is Home Depot Pro Desk?

Home Depot Pro Desk is a membership-based program that offers professionals and service pros access to discounts and resources to save money on supplies and equipment.

This membership is for businesses who use Home Depot as a main source for inventory.

Home Depot Pro Desk Rewards and Benefits

Home Depot doesn’t want to just build a relationship, they want to be active partners.

Pro Desk at Home Depot goes above and beyond to provide you with a pro account representative who can help source the right products and coordinate delivery on-site.

Your associate will also plan 2-3 weeks ahead to make sure you have inventory lead time. They will calculate reorders and keep stocks maintained.

If they don’t have what you need, they’ll go out of their way to find your product at another retailer—talk about hospitality!

Some money-saving perks of Home Depot Pro Desk include:

  1. Earning cash back every time you shop
  2. Reserved parking
  3. Priority checkout and order loading
  4. Discount for government organizations

Home Depot Pro Desk Sign-Up Process

Pro Desk at The Home Depot is free to join! 

Create an account and check a box to automatically enroll in the Pro Xtra loyalty program, which includes additional exclusive member benefits and savings. 

Home Depot Pro Desk Sign-up perks:

A cluttered inbox sucks. When you get too much junk, you might not open them and miss out on a 30% off deal. Home Depot solves this by allowing members to choose which ads they see, including:

  • The Home Depot: sneak peeks and exclusive savings
  • Local ad: first-looks at specials from your store
  • PRO: deals to make your job easier
  • Special buy of the day: daily deals

Home Depot Pro Desk Bulk Discounts

Bulk purchasing allows you to buy a higher volume of products for less money per unit price. Home service professionals can save time by keeping inventory in order and maximizing tight budgets. 

Home Depot offers: 15-30% on 4000 eligible products. Buy in bulk for your biggest supplies, and improve your purchasing strategy.

Home Depot Pro Desk Commercial Credit

Home Depot Pro Desk offers credit cards for members with cost-cutting benefits. 

Why use Home Depot and not a regular business credit card? Well, it’s a great way to protect your inventory spending, stay organized, and find opportunities for growth in your business.

There are two Home Depot credit card options available:

1. Commercial Revolving Charge Card:

  1. Flexible Payments: Make low monthly payments or pay in full each month
  2. Authorized User Cards: Issue cards to employees which you trust to make purchases on your account

2. Commercial Account Card: 

  1. Pay in Full Monthly: Payment due in full each month
  2. Buyer ID Cards: Allows authorized users to make purchases and gives you detailed info and control of employee spending
  3. Pay by Invoice: Optimize cash flow with the flexibility to itemize and pay invoices

Home Depot Pro Desk Credit Card Savings

Using your Home Depot card in-store can help you deal with a rise in fuel costs, you’ll earn 10 cents/gal for every $100 you spend. Swipe your card at the pump to redeem awards for up to 20 gallons, per purchase and vehicle.

Benefits from using both cards:

  1. Fuel Savings: Earn discounts on fuel just from shopping at Home Depot. Cut down on your annual fuel costs with cash back rewards.
  2. Credit Payment: 60 days to pay with no interest fees. Optimize cash flow with 2x longer to pay back.
  3. Returns: You can return most unused products up to a year later and receive credit back to your commercial revolving credit account.
  4. Itemized Statements: Easy-to-read, itemized billing statements organized by SKU.

Home Depot Pro Desk Coupon Savings (Mobile and Online)

Mobile alerts: Home Depot will send texts for exclusive offers, discounts, product updates, and video demos. You’ll get up to 10 texts monthly and instantly receive a $5 coupon.

Online coupons: Sign up for Home Depot’s email list and get $5 off your $50 in-store purchase sent to your inbox. They have a special weekly coupon, too. (This week, it’s up to 40% off select outdoor power equipment and pumps!)

Home Depot Pro Desk Online Purchasing and Delivery

When you get into a pinch on a job-site, get your inventory delivered on-site and on-time. Home Depot offers 14 different shipping methods including bulk delivery, express next-day delivery, and cost-saver for economical shipping.

Special deals:

  1. Pick up in-store: Your online orders will be filled fast and ready for pick-up within 2 hours. Free in-store pick-up for most orders over $45.
  2. Delivery: Free 2-day delivery. Next day delivery: order before noon for convenient scheduled delivery.

Home Depot Pro Desk Exclusive Brands

Chem-Dry: Essential for any carpet cleaning businesses; offers carpet, upholstery, grout, and tile cleaners.

Ryobi and Ridgid: These power-tool companies are the go-to brands for service pros at any level. They have discounts on garage door repair or appliance repair service as well.

Home Depot Pro Desk Tool Rental Service

Are you a locksmith who has to rush to a crime scene and change the locks after a burglary?

I hope not! 

But in case you do, Home Depot’s tool rental service allows service pros to borrow equipment at an affordable price, saving you both money and space in your toolkit.

Smart service pros want the job done perfectly. They stay on top of their stock levels, using tools like Workiz’s inventory management to plan, organize, add, and return the equipment with ease.

Complete on-site projects and never miss a sale by using rental tools as a backup plan.

Home Depot Pro Desk Business Management Tools

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Home Depot Pro Desk tools analyze your service business all in one place.

  1. Spending Analytics: Sort purchases by date, job name, or product category to analyze your budget.
  2. Saved Lists: Create custom lists of your frequently-ordered items. Workiz’s real-time inventory tracking shows you what job the technician is working on and the frequency tools were used in detailed usage reports.

Home Depot Pro Xtra

Home Depot Pro Xtra is a loyalty program for pros with exclusives and members-only benefits specific to your industry. 

  1. Volume pricing: Volume pricing program gives members the lowest price on orders of $1,500 or more.
  2. Tax exemption: Save and organize all your purchases and simplify tax preparation.
  3. Business tools: Text2Confirm purchase authorization allows you to approve employee buys via text. 

Lowe’s Pro Desk

What is Lowe’s Pros Desk?

Lowe’s Pro Desk provides convenient tools, services, and pricing to manage your business. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are similar but appeal to different consumers. 

According to Business Insider, professional contracts accounted for 20% to 25% of sales at Lowe’s and 45% at Home Depot. 

The reason professionals gravitate towards Home Depot is because they take a business-first approach with their product lines, while Lowe’s caterers to both businesses and everyday folks who want to DIY their home improvement projects.

Lowe's Pro Desk Rewards and Benefits

Lowe’s Pro Desk specialists will help with account set-up and shopping their catalogue to find the best deals. You also receive:

  • Sales and Support: Regardless of your business size, you will have a pro service team member to help with buying, sourcing products, tax exemption, and purchase approvals.
  • Convenience: Shop extended store hours to get last-minute supplies, save time on transportation with reserved parking, and priority checkout.

These perks are equal with Home Depot, but Lowe’s extended shopping hours come in handy when there are unexpected changes on the job site.

Lowe's Pro Desk Sign-up Process

Sign up for free on Lowesforpros.com.

Create a new Lowe’s For Pros profile and choose either a business or government account. 

You can sign up for promotional emails, but unlike Home Depot, you don’t get to choose what type of ads come your way, which may result in a cluttered inbox.

Lowe's Pro Desk Bulk Discount

Lowe’s offers 5%-50% off 2,000+ products, compared to Home Depot’s 15-30% off 4,000+ items.

Lowe’s may seem like the better option because it provides a bigger discount, but let’s break it down to see who wins the battle in bulk pricing. 

Here’s you’re checklist:

  • Volume: Lowe’s purchase minimum is $1,500, while Home Depot’s is $2,500 to qualify for bulk discounts.
  • Discount: Lowe’s discount is larger but is item-dependent, so 50% off lawn chairs when you work in carpet cleaning is not valuable. Lowe’s larger discounts may be a reflection of low-selling products not useful to your business.
  • Product selection: Home Depot has brands that professional service pros trust, but Lowe’s has a better bulk selection for painters than Home Depot.
  • Service pro packs: Lowe’s offers service pro packs, which are quick, convenient, discounted bundles of the items you use most.

At the end of the day, reducing your bulk purchasing comes down to your industry and brand preference. A few dollars off may be enticing, but sacrificing performance is not worth the hit to your reputation. You can benefit from both Home Depot and Lowes offers.

Lowe's Pro Desk Commercial Credit

Lowe’s pros credit cards include:

  1. Lowe’s business account: Flexible payments with low monthly fees or pay in full each month. Best for businesses that need flexible monthly payment. 
  2. Lowe’s accounts receivable: Pay in full each month. Robust job account management, including account-level itemized statements and the ability to pay by invoice.
  3. Lowe’s business rewards card from American Express: Rewards in and outside Lowe’s stores. Flexibility to carry a balance or pay in full each month. Balances may accrue interest charges.

As you can see, these cards are competitive with Home Depot’s two credit cards, and none have annual fees. Lowe’s edges out Home Depot with their American Express card that offers awards outside their stores (including 3x points in restaurants) and 24/7 customer support.

Lowe's Pro Desk Credit Card Savings

You’ll save 10% off in-store purchases with business credit  or preloaded cards.

You’ll also save:

  1. 5% off every day at Lowe’s when you use your Lowe’s card
  2. Discounted delivery on purchases

Lowe’s doesn’t offer savings on fuel like Home Depot, but you can spend outside their store for rewards.

Lowe's Pro Desk Coupons (Online and Mobile)

  1. Online Coupons: When you sign up, Lowe’s lets you select your industry: builders, repairmen, or remodelers can receive specialized offers and coupons. Home Depot doesn’t let you choose industry-specific emails.
  2. Mobile coupon: Receive automated SMS messages and coupons. Home Depot caps it at 10 messages each month; Lowe’s does not say how many texts they will send.

Lowe's Pro Desk Online Purchasing and Delivery

In-store pick up:

  • Available only during store hours. Home Depot is faster with a 2-hour pick-up window.

Parcel shipping: 

  • Standard, 2-day, and next day shipping. Free shipping on eligible items over $45.

Lowe's Pro Desk Exclusive Brands

Service pros are often times brand-loyal, so it’s important to find a store that carries your go-to brands.

  • Dewalt: Power tools and hand tools for construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries.
  • Southwire: One of the world’s leading manufacturers in wire, cable, tools, and components.

Lowe's Pro Desk Tool Rental Service

Lowes pro desk tool rental program allows you to rent tools for a portion of the price for $25 to $65 per day. 

Currently, Lowe’s rental program is closed to professionals, so you’ll have to march on over to Home Depot for this one.

Lowe's Pro Desk Business Management Tools

Lowe’s offers many business services that Home Depot does not, such as:

Blueprint estimating service: Save time on your next job with a blueprint estimate from Lowe’s. They’ll estimate the materials and costs and provide you with a comprehensive materials list.

    1. Timely: They’ll send over a detailed estimate and have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
    2. Detailed: All of the building materials, as listed on the specification sheet, are broken down item-by-item into a convenient and detailed format.
    3. Quote: Detailed building materials list by section for free!

Do you have robust analytical tools on hand? Workiz real-time data and reports stops money from leaking through the cracks. If find yourself confused at the end of the month about your budget, get clarity and up-to-date reports on where you stand.

The Winner:
Home Depot Pro Desk vs. Lowes Pro Desk?

Home Depot takes the crown.

Numbers don’t lie—Home Depot secures 25% more pros than Lowes with 1 million members. Service pros perform complex jobs, and Home Depot gives you the best services and rewards.

Like spotting inventory lead time (the time it takes a supplier to deliver the goods once an order is placed) which lowers lost sales, increases cash flow, and allows you to finish jobs quicker than competitors. Or when traveling from site to site, use your card to save money on one of your biggest expenses: gas. But their pro account reps who help source materials (even if it’s not from their store), is the best perk of all!

Lowe’s Pro Desk comes in a close second…

Their American Express card is top-notch, and you can earn cash back while spending outside of the store. Lowe’s unavailable tool rental program is an inconvenience; since 90% of pros rent special equipment to save a buck. Overall the Lowes catalog is great to fill in the gaps that Home Depot misses.

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They also close 43% more customers.

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