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The 25 Best Places to Buy Locksmith Tools Both Online and Offline

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It can be difficult to know where is the best place to buy tools for locksmiths; after all, you don’t want to pay more than necessary, but you’re also wary of buying cheap tools that will let you down. There’s also the challenge of keeping your locksmith supplies and parts well stocked, so that you don’t run out of pins or latches for a crucial job.

To help you out, we’ve gathered 25 of the best places to buy locksmith tools and supplies, from online sales platforms to specialist locksmiths suppliers, from new tool and parts wholesalers to the best ways to find vintage parts and good quality, secondhand locksmith tools for sale. 

Specialist Locksmith Tools Stores Online

When you want specific brands of locksmiths tools, an obscure replacement latch or plate, particular sizes, or unusual locksmith tools for car, residential, or commercial locks, you need specialist locksmith suppliers. Dedicated online locksmith tools sites have all the uncommon supplies and tools you need to get the job done.

1. Lock Pick Shop

The original LockPickShop is a highly professional online store that ships top quality, US-made supplies and tools for locksmiths across the US and around the world. You’ll find everything you need for domestic, commercial, or automotive locksmith jobs, including lock pick guns, decoders, safe boxes, and even a “unique and unusual” section. LockPickShop also has a “build your own pick kit” for locksmiths who know exactly what they want. 

2. Lockpicks.com

Lockpicks.com is an online store dedicated to quality locksmith tools. It sells its own-brand Brockhage tools, which are acclaimed by many locksmiths, plus a number of other top brands. You’ll find every type of tool, spare part, and equipment, with same day or next day delivery across the US, and reasonable prices.

3. Southord

Southord.com began as a local store selling supplies and tools for locksmiths, but over the decades it’s become better known for the extensive Southord brand lock picks, beloved by professional locksmiths the world over. Today, Southord sells almost every type of lock pick tool and plenty of training materials, too, with a 30 day returns policy and fast shipping across the US and worldwide. 

4. CLK Supplies

CLK Supplies is an online store selling lock and key supplies to professional locksmiths, including pinning kits, keying machines, and all types of key blanks and pins. It prides itself on customer service and offers free shipping on orders over $99, as well as plenty of special offers, frequent discounts, and its own rewards program.  

5. American Key Supply

Based in Las Vegas, American Key Supply delivers supplies and tools for locksmiths across all 50 states. You’ll find a huge range of locksmith tools for car and automotive here, as well as door hardware, IC cores, transponder chips, and key machines for sale or lease. Shipping is fast, arriving in as little as 1 business day from when you place your order. 

6. LockPickWorld

At LockPickWorld, you’ll find professional locksmith tools from all the major brands. The emphasis is on lock picks and tools like tension tools, lock jigglers, and plug spinners rather than on supplies like blanks or cylinders kits. LockPickWorld promises fast, free delivery within 5-8 days, or expedited delivery in under 6 days, and ships worldwide. 

7. Pro-Lok

Pro-Lok sells their professional, specialist tools for locksmiths online from their California factory, including lock picks, followers, key hooks, scopes, and more. Pro-Lok tools are highly rated by locksmiths everywhere, helping you to get the job done successfully and easily. Delivery might take a few days, depending on which state you work in, and there’s a 30-day returns and exchanges policy. 

8. McDonald Dash

Turn to this wholesale distributor for all the locks, blanks, cylinders, supplies, and parts that you need for every type of door and lock. Located in central US, McDonald Dash offers fast shipping, excellent customer service, and knowledgeable staff who can help you find the parts you need. 

9. Locks Co

You’ll find all types of locksmith tools and supplies, key machines, specialty locks, automotive lock and key parts, access control supplies, and more at LocksCo. The specialist locksmith supply store has been operating for more than 60 years, offers line of credit and other payment plan options, and boasts knowledgeable sales staff to help you find what you need in a hurry.

10. International Key Supply

International Key Supply focuses primarily on automotive key parts and locksmith tools for car locks. It’s the place to go for every type of car key, remote, and lock, diagnostics and programming tools, car lock picks, and key machines. International Key Supply offers finance plans, free shipping, and overnight delivery to the 48 continental states. 

11. NorthStar Locksmith Supply

At Northstar Locksmith Supply, you’ll find a full range of lock and door hardware, including duplicators, key code machines, and commercial and residential lock parts, all from well-known brands. If you need extra help or you’re looking for a specific item, the experienced staff are themselves accredited locksmiths and able to help you with every query.

12. Assured Lock Tool & Supply

Based in Florida, Assured Lock Tool and Supply sells top quality lock picks, key blanks, locksmith software, duplicators, cylinders, and more, from over 50 renowned brands. However, its specialty is lock supplies. Assured is a supplier for the US Department of Defense, and ships orders across the US and Canada. 

Online eCommerce Platforms Selling Tools for Locksmiths

If you’re looking for the lowest prices on locksmith supplies and tools, you can often get good results on large, general eCommerce platforms which have multiple warehouses and fast shipping across the US. You might not be able to find vintage replacement items or parts in specific or unique sizes, but they are good places to purchase standard supplies and tools for locksmiths without paying too much.

13. Amazon

You can buy anything on Amazon, and that includes professional locksmith tools. You can search for locksmith tools for cars, filter specific sellers and buy full locksmith tool kits as well as individual items like shims, grabbers, cylinder blanks, and precut keys. As a bonus, when you buy on Amazon, you can get free shipping, overnight delivery for rush parts, and the reliable Amazon returns and refunds process. 

14. ReStockIt

ReStockIt is a massive online wholesale store selling parts, supplies, and tools to several different industries - including locksmiths. A string of almost 200 warehouses across the US helps them offer speedy delivery in as little as one business day, as well as free shipping on orders over $149. You’ll find Slim Jims, lock pick kits, and other lock pick tools here for competitive prices.

15. BangGood

If you want low-cost, professional tools for locksmiths, it can pay to think outside the box. BangGood is an online wholesale source for locksmiths tools like lock pick hooks, lock pick sets, tension tools, and locksmith tools for the car. You’ll need to wait for items to ship from China, and choose your supplier carefully, but it’s worth it for the super-low prices.

16. DHGate

Another site that sells items wholesale, shipping them direct from China so that you can get quality tools for locksmiths at low prices. DHGate also sells used locksmith tools, but most of the items here are new lock pick kits, hooks, and guns, as well as key machines and decoders. 

17. Ali Express

Ali Express is well known as a source for buying almost anything at low cost, and that includes tools for locksmiths. You can order lock pick sets, key cutters, and locksmith tools for cars, as well as bulk locksmith supplies like lock plates, precuts, and pins. Items ship from China, so you won’t find the big US brands here, and delivery can take up to a few weeks. 

Bricks and Mortar Stores for Locksmith Tools

We live our lives online - but sometimes you need to stop at a store, find the tool or parts that you need on the shelf, and take it with you immediately.

18. Walmart

Walmart might not be a locksmith’s first port of call, but the low-cost sales giant also sells some pretty good professional tools for locksmiths. You’ll find more locksmith kits than blanks or pins, alongside key gauge decoders, bit sets, and other vital items. Walmart also offers online shopping with free delivery or pick up from your nearest store, and has a 30-day return policy.

19. Home Depot

You’ll be surprised at the professional locksmith tools for sale at your local Home Depot. Lock picks, rekeying kits, cylinders, blanks, and emergency release kits are among the items you’ll find in the locks and doors aisle. Home Depot is also known for great customer service and no-quibble returns policy. 

20. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is an extensive hardware store that’s primarily aimed at the retail market, but it still has a good range of key cylinders, pins, rekeying kits, and other locksmith supplies. You won’t find specialty or unusual items here, and locksmith tools like lock pick kits are in short supply. However, with stores across the US, Ace is a reasonable option if you need extra locksmith supplies in a hurry. 

21. Best Key Supply

Best Key Supply is a Boston based automotive locksmith supplier of new, used, and rare car keys and remotes. They boast a large selection with great low prices year round and customer support staff available 7 days a week. Shipping is fast, free over $50, and they have a flexible return policy with no restocking fees.

Online Sites with Second-hand Locksmith Tools for Sale

If you’re looking for tools for locksmiths on a budget, or hunting for a replacement vintage lock plate for a demanding customer, second-hand sales can be your best bet. These marketplaces are full of high quality supplies and tools for locksmiths that never let you down, even if they’ve been used hundreds of times before. 

22. Hawley Lock Supply

Hawley is a specialist locksmith supply store based in Phoenix, Arizona, that ships new and used parts and tools for locksmiths all over the US. They are a useful address for locksmiths looking to buy, sell, and trade used locksmith tools for the car, key machines, precuts, and many more parts and supplies. 

23. Ebay

Alongside Amazon, eBay is one of the kings of selling anything online - and that includes tools for locksmiths. You can find every type of lock pick kit on eBay, both new and second hand. In fact, eBay is one of the best places to look for second-hand locksmith tools for sale. You can also buy locksmith supplies like pins, cylinders, and key blanks, and it’s a good place to source unusual or specific sizes and brands.

24. Facebook

More than a way to share cat pictures, Facebook is now one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. You can search the Facebook marketplace for new and second-hand supplies and tools for locksmiths, check out prices and shipping times for stores near you, and ask for recommendations for the best place to buy a certain brand or size of locksmith equipment. 

25. Used.forsale

Used.forsale is a general website that invites people to sell all kinds of secondhand items, including locksmith tools for sale. It combines sales from Craigslist, Facebook, eBay, and more to give you access to the biggest range of used and new tools for locksmiths. You can filter ads by location, brand, and price, and choose between auction and fixed price sales. 

Keep Track of All of Your Locksmith Tools with Inventory Management

Keeping your locksmith case filled and ready to go is a never-ending task. As well as using these online and offline sources for locksmith tools, supplies, and parts for automotive, residential, and commercial locks, you need the right inventory management software to help you keep track of how many plates you have left, who has the pick guns, and where the key decoder is. That way you’ll never run out of supplies unexpectedly, or head out on a job only to discover that you’re missing a vital piece of equipment.

Not only does Workiz let you keep track of all of your supplies and inventory down to the container level (so you can see if your commercial lock is in a certain warehouse, truck or storage container,) but you’ll make sure you bring the right tool to the right job every time!

Additionally, Workiz lets you easily schedule and assign work to your team, invoice, get paid faster and manage your team out in the field, to run a more professional and organized locksmith business. Try Workiz out for free for 14-days and see the difference we make to your locksmith business.

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