Product Update: Credit Card Tips And Improved Sales Report


We’ve come up with two new releases we know you’ll love. Our new tipping feature lets clients add tips on credit cards and the new sales report allows you to track your business’s growth better than ever.

easy tips with one click

You asked for it, you got it! 

After speaking with many of you, we decided to add a feature that we know will make a big difference to your business. From now on, your clients can add tips to their payments directly from their credit card. This added service is free! It’s included in WorkizPay, which comes with every Workiz account. Not using WorkizPay yet? Keep reading to see why you’re missing out.

Why does this matter?

As a business owner, you know that the better care you take of your workers, the better care they take of your clients. Since customers are more likely to leave tips on their credit cards than by any other means, many of you have asked for a better tipping option. That’s why we’ve rolled out this new feature; you want to take care of your clients, and we want to take care of you.

How to get more tips

Here's How it Works

  1. Go to settings – in your settings, click on “Online Payments.”
  2. Allow tipping – select the checkbox that says, “Allow credit card tipping.”
  3. Receive tips – your clients can now opt to leave you a tip when they submit payment
Add tips to credit cards

Not using workizPay yet?

WorkizPay is included in any Workiz plan. It’s a secure payment platform, powered by Chase Bank, allowing you to get paid on the spot with mobile card processing. You can scan your client’s credit card from the Workiz mobile app, and with our new feature, your clients can even add a tip. You can also send payment requests by text or email with an invoice, and a single click allows your clients to submit payment…and, of course, leave a tip! WorkizPay accepts all major credit cards, giving you simple payments with no hidden or set-up fees.

A Sales Report That Will Let You Track Your Growth

We know how important your sales report is, so we’ve redesigned it for better functionality. Now, when looking at your report, you can see your profit, profit margin, tip amounts, and so much more. 

Grow your business with new sales reports


Best of all? You can customize the fields and use filters so that what you want is what you see. All you need to do is go to the “Reports” tab on your dashboard menu, click on “Sales” on the top right, and click on “Fields.” Now just go ahead and select the checkboxes of the fields you want to see and enjoy your customized page.

At Workiz, we are always committed to improving and finding ways to help service businesses grow and succeed.

Have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement? We want your input! Reach out to our customer success team 

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