Product Update: Organize Your Client List With Sub-Clients


You Can Now Add Sub-Clients to Existing Ones

There’s nothing that excites us more at Workiz than being able to make a feature you’ve all been asking for! The Sub-Clients Feature has been our most requested feature in the past year, and we’re so excited to roll it out!

What Is It?

Sometimes you may have multiple sub-clients and locations under one umbrella client, such as a property manager or franchise headquarters. In these situations, it can be difficult to know who needs to receive the invoice or who you should contact when. 

With Sub-Client, you can set a client under a “parent” client. You can set all clients that come to you through the property manager as sub-clients so you always know which client came from where. You can also set the client so that all invoices will be automatically sent to the “parent” client, eliminating any go-betweens. In addition, this will sync with your QuickBooks account for maximum ease of use.

How To Set It Up:

how to set up sub clients
  1. Go to “Clients” in the left-hand menu
  2. Click on “Add Client”
  3. Fill in your new client’s information
  4. Input the name of the parent client where it says “Set A Parent Client”
  5. Want to make sure your invoices are always sent automatically to the parent client? Select “Parent client pays invoices”
how to set up sub clients

At Workiz, we are always committed to improving and finding ways to help service businesses grow and succeed.

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