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Product Update: Get More Jobs with Workiz New Service Chatbot

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Your customers expect more now than ever before. And with it, comes the need for quick customer support and excellent service. To help you rise to the challenge, Workiz just launched a new service chatbot!
Our service chatbot is an online chat tool that can be installed directly on your business website and allows potential clients to chat with you or book an appointment. It enables your customers to easily book jobs online, any day, any time.
So, how can a service chatbot improve your business? 

1. Get More Leads with Quick Responses

People expect immediate responses and it’s frustrating when they can’t seem to get a hold of a business. If your phone line is busy and your customers have to wait, they might just call the next person on their list. Now, directly from your website, customers can get a welcome message from a chatbot and even provide exact times they can book a job.

2. Create Engagement

When customers enter your service business website, it can almost be too easy to exit without finding what they needed. As soon as a chatbot initiates a conversation, it might just prevent your customers from leaving. The chatbot has your logo and name on it, and sounds like a real person, making people feel comfortable and want to engage.

3. Save Your Dispatcher’s Valuable Time

Did you know that one chatbot is equivalent to having several dispatchers? It is the most cost-effective solution to manage several customers at one time. Instead of paying a dispatcher to answer questions overnight, your chatbot can do the work for you!

4. Message on the Go

With the chatbot on your website, you don’t need to answer the phone. It gives you the ability to quickly answer customer inquiries from the Workiz mobile app while out of the office.

How Does It Work?

It takes 3 minutes to set up and install on your website! Once it’s live, clients can start booking jobs without ever speaking to you.

Want to see how easy it is to set up? Find out here.

At Workiz, we are always committed to improving and finding ways to help service businesses grow and succeed.

Have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement? We want your input! Reach out to our customer success team 

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