They want to be able to access your services fast, preferably directly from their smartphones. A plumbing business software enables you to be there for your customers when they contact you. Moreover, digital tools help you manage your business effectively from your computer or smartphone, with a significant impact on your bottom line.

Using the right software solution helps your company grow in more than one way. It makes it seamless to organize workflows, schedule interventions, and handle invoicing and payments, among other benefits. Sure, it all happens when you pick the right tool for your business.

Here are seven things you should consider when choosing a plumbing business software for 2023 and beyond to help you increase efficiency.

1. Online Booking

The internet has become the number one source of information about companies and service providers. Furthermore, 71% of internet users believe they’ll get a better deal if they purchase online.

People now do intensive online research before buying a product or booking a service. They want to see reviews, consult pricing, and book the services they need directly from their smartphones at a convenient time for them. It could be late at night, during the lunch break, or while commuting to work. Either way, you can take that appointment even if you can’t answer your phone.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another reason to go for online booking. People can easily share your link with friends who need plumbing services so that they can immediately hire you for the job.

A plumbing business software should make online booking a breeze for your customers. At the same time, you want a tool to easily integrate with your existing communication channels, such as your Facebook page, website, and Yelp account. This way, customers can book on the same platform where they’ve found you as soon as they make a decision.

2. Easy scheduling

Once you start taking appointments 24/7, it’s impossible to handle them manually. When implementing an online booking service, the software will schedule appointments as they come into your system. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking too many engagements or not having enough people available for the job.

It’s essential to choose a plumbing business software with first-class scheduling capabilities. Look for a tool that shows your tech availability in real-time and helps you manage assignments so that you never miss an appointment. If it also sends a notification to confirm it with your customer, you have a game-changer.

When you automate scheduling, you work smarter and make more money. Your response time gets better than ever, and your customers will notice. In the long run, this approach improves your reputation inside the community that you serve, builds trust, and helps you gain more clients from referrals.

3. User-friendly interface

Simplicity will help you get everyone on board with using digital tools. When you pick a user-friendly software, people who aren’t tech-savvy don’t feel frustrated about using it. In other words, they won’t look for easy ways out or leave their smartphones behind on purpose.

Take advantage of free demos or trials before signing up for any digital tool. Ask your people to use the software for several days, see whether they have any difficulties with going digital, and ask them for feedback. Include them in your buying decision when possible. If your people don’t like the software, you’ll work twice as hard to convince them to use it properly.

On the other hand, a user-friendly interface makes it easy for your staff to use the software and be more productive. Not only does it help you save time and earn more revenue, but it also positively impacts your team. People feel confident about their tech skills and deliver a highly professional service to each customer they get in touch with.

4. Automate invoicing

Another feature to look for when choosing a plumbing business software is invoicing. Get a tool that generates invoices with a few taps on a smartphone after your employees finish the work to simplify day-to-day operations. It’s fast, highly professional, and comfortable for both your clients and your business.

If you’re ready to go digital, having this part of your business covered will add value to your services and secure a better return on investment.

When you automate invoicing, you can say goodbye to pen and paper and all the hassle from paper invoices. You’ll no longer have to deal with lost or damaged documents, introduce data manually into your system when doing tax returns, or overload file cabinets with old invoices for compliance. Plus, if a customer needs a copy of an invoice, you can email one with a few clicks. It’s that simple.

5. Affordable payment solutions

Ideally, your plumbing software also makes it easy for you to get paid in the field. You want a digital solution that can send invoices via email or SMS and integrate online payment tools to make it easy for your customers to pay in seconds. It’s a detail that shows people you care about their experience from start to finish, which will make it more likely to get 5-star reviews and referrals.

The good news is that most tools on the market include payment solutions. However, you want to pay attention to terms and conditions before deciding, as not all providers can offer fast setup and affordable rates. If you want same-day payouts, choose software that comes with an integrated mobile payment processor.

6. Location tracking

If you manage multiple techs across a large geographical area and want to know where your teams are in the field, you should also look for a location tracking feature. It’s helpful when you need to optimize routes and minimize the need for long-distance commuting. This way, you can provide a fast response for emergency intervention, keep costs down, and increase productivity.

Location tracking should be as easy as installing an app on a smartphone. Once you do it, you should see those devices’ position on a map to plan optimal routes accordingly.

Location tracking keeps team accountability and increases productivity, as people work harder when they know someone’s watching. When your people are aware that you have access to their position at a specific time and how much they take to complete a job, they’re more likely to stick to the schedule, be punctual, and get things done on time.

7. Support

Last but not least, choose a plumbing business software provider that offers 24/7 customer support. Make sure you have access to a comprehensive knowledge base to get started. Also, you want to work with people who answer the phone when you have questions and help you get the most out of your subscription when you feel stuck. It’s in your best interest to find a provider that asks for feedback and listens to what you have to say to deliver better services.

Your partner should be there for you when your business grows. Choose a flexible product that works for companies of all sizes, whether they have five or 50 teams in the field. You may have a small company now, but it can quickly grow when you have the right processes optimized for success.


When your plumbing business goes digital, you do it to streamline business operations and improve customer experience. You want one tool that can do it all, from scheduling appointments and facilitating customer communication to managing invoicing and payments.

When you have everything in one place, people know what needs to be done, and productivity skyrockets. For example, plumbers who use Workiz increase their revenue by 22%. With features that enable you to manage multiple teams in less time, you can focus on the things that add value to your customers and run a successful business.

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