Product Update: Announcing Workiz New Franchise Dashboard to Manage Multiple Sub-Accounts!


Do you run a larger than average service business with a few different locations and franchises? We’ve got just the solution to make your life easier!

Workiz just launched a new franchise feature to manage multiple sub-accounts, quickly navigate between them, and see how well each location is performing.

It’s the best way to quickly track all of your business locations, leads, and sales, in one place. 

So, What’s So Great About the New Dashboard?

Watch this video or keep reading below to find out more!

1. Easy Navigation:

Quickly navigate from one account to another in just one click! From your management account, you can check the schedule of any specific location, add jobs, and view their reports. You’ll now have full access to all the information you need.

2. Full Performance Reports:

Track your franchise performance and get a full breakdown of how each of your locations is doing. Find out the number of jobs in each status, cancelation rates, sales, profit, average sale, average profit, and much more! You can easily filter the report by a specific time range (day, week, or month).

3. New Account Add-Ons Within Seconds:

Easily invite other Workiz accounts to connect as sub-accounts. Just add their email and they’ll automatically receive an invitation to connect. 

It really is the one-stop shop for all of your franchising needs. Now, you can onboard new franchisees on time with full visibility, track aggregated sales and analytics, and improve communication because you’ll know exactly what’s going on.

Want to see how it works?

Find out how to get started here.

At Workiz, we are always committed to improving and finding ways to help service businesses grow and succeed.

Have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement? We want your input! Reach out to our customer success team 

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