Meet the All-new Workiz Softphone

Reach A new Level of Professionalism and Profitability with Our Softphone

We’ve released something that’s going to make your service business so much better.


Meet the all-new Workiz softphone.

What Is It:

Now you can call existing and prospective clients and employees from right inside your Workiz app!

Why It’s Awesome:

Your calls are automatically added to the correct jobs and clients (or, manually add them of course.) So, you can understand what happened for every job, keep stellar records and know what to do next in your business.

Why Does My Service Business Need A Softphone?

Your service business relies heavily on phone communication between your clients and techs and many of the existing phone systems you might be using (landlines and cellphones) aren’t recording calls and automatically adding them to jobs. 


Meaning, you might have zero records of client and tech communication.


But, with the new Workiz Softphone, your calls are automatically added to the correct jobs and clients, allowing you to keep excellent records, understand exactly what happened with each and every client, what services were offered, how your staff interacted with your client and more.

This gives you the correct context for every single client and job, allows you to look at the big pictures and take the appropriate actions in your business.



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