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Live Video Estimates Keep Field Service Techs Safe During the Pandemic

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In an era where social distancing is the new normal, field service companies, such as junk removal and appliance repair professionals, face increased demand for online estimates, support, and even consultancy. Clients think twice before calling in service professionals and service companies are experiencing a 20-40% decline in new job orders. Customer satisfaction has never been more important – and technology can play a key role in keeping both clients and service professionals safe. 

True, to do their jobs, service companies professionals must enter clients’ houses, but there are some aspects of their work that can be done remotely using technology. Real-time video can help with by providing the service companies the ability to answer questions and request information via a live stream with clients. They can guide clients to use their smartphone cameras to show them what needs to be done for better understanding, quick problem-solving and providing estimates

The current situation made our team at Workiz think about how we can help the service industry stay safe and reduce customer interactions to the bare minimum while being able to operate regularly. That’s how we came up with the idea to integrate Zoom with the Workiz platform and provide it for free to our clients at no additional cost! 

Zoom is the most common way these days for video meetings and we believe that partnering with such a great company will give field services the scalability and reliability they need. 

Some ideas on how to use Video Meetings: 

  • Get Online estimates
  • Provide Basic support and troubleshooting
  • Get paid for online consulting hours for any type of project
  • Use the recordings to share before and after videos of your job on your social media channels 

Starting today, you can add a Zoom meeting link to any of your jobs or messages. This would not only keep your team and clients safe, it would also save you valuable hours of sending team members back and forth to clients’ houses. Starting today, you’ll be able to do a lot more from the comfort of your home/office using Workiz’s Zoom built-in integration. 

For Workiz clients: 

Schedule, Dispatch, Invoice And Close More Customers

See why over 40,000 service pros rely on Workiz to run and scale their business.

They also close 43% more customers.

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