A field service management software is a platform that can perform and simplify those tasks in one place. The problem is that picking the right software can be a confusing and long-drawn-out process. It’s especially hard if you take into account you have to satisfy your customers and prioritize growth at the same time.

Here are 5 helpful things to consider when you compare and select field service software.

1. How to get everyone on the same page

What are the obvious signs you’ve chosen the wrong software? Your team takes weeks (when it should take days) to get comfortable with tools. Worse: your field technicians start to mismanage customers and completely blow projects!

3 features for a painless onboarding:

  1. Inclusive:  Everyone (business owners, office managers, and field technicians) should have the tools they need to run the business, finish jobs, and give stellar customer service. Keep your team productive with user restrictions. Employees will have access only to the features they need
  2. Free trial: A free trial allows you to test-drive new tools on the job. Two weeks is enough time to see if it’s the right fit and how quickly your team adapts to it.
  3. Customer support: Once you sign up, a customer support representative will be in touch with you to help you set up. Confirm they can handle the size of your team and answer questions fast through email, chat, or phone.

2. You’re losing business because customers have this problem

Shyness and fear are some reasons why prospects are reluctant to schedule an appointment over the phone. Consider prospects who are already researching on your site, comparing you to competitors, and are finally ready to purchase. Today 79% of consumers prefer web chat to communicate with a business. Make online booking an option for prospects, or they’ll go elsewhere!

A field service management software needs to link an online booking widget on your website, Facebook, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor page. Workiz is the first field service management software to introduce a service chatbot that allows customers to easily book jobs without ever talking with a live representative.


  • Customers can easily book appointments 24/7 and know when you’re available – without you being present!
  • Millennials hate speaking on the phone – love them or hate them, you need to adapt to their needs to win that customer base

3. Take 30 seconds to see if you’re a match

What are the most important tools for your business? Maybe it is QuickBooks for your accounting or Mailchimp for email marketing? I bet you’re not willing to dump either one if your field service management software doesn’t integrate with them.

And you shouldn’t have to.

Software that doesn’t integrate with your current technology is pointless.

For example, if you use Mailchimp to manage your customer lists and it doesn’t sync with your new software, you’ll have to manually transport information. To avoid losing customer records, verify if your field service management software integrates with the tools you’re using. If not, don’t waste your time on it.

4. Not all field service management software is made equal

You need to see if the system works for your industry. If you’re an appliance repair technician or a locksmith, you must have an inventory management system with real-time tracking that alerts you when you’re out of stock. If you’re in junk removal, you must have location tracking for your company’s fleet to ensure your employees are using their time, and your fuel, in the most effective way.

Look for a software that’s built specifically for your industry, and never settle for a generic platform! They’ll know your customers’ needs and have the most important tools for your business.

5. The only way to avoid common phone call mistakes

Most jobs start with a phone call. Having a phone system integrated with your field service management software can not only ease your mind by having all calls saved and recorded but also make you look like a professional when setting greetings and having your own mini-operator.


  • Better CRM: With a phone system, your office managers and field technicians will always have recordings of what your customers said, which can prevent miscommunication.
  • Fast customer response time: Update customers on their appointments (and not keep them waiting) with auto text reminders.

Make a choice!

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