Create Your Own Job SMS Using Short Codes

A big part of using Workiz for communicating with your field techs revolves around our SMS features.

This is even more true if you are operating an emergency locksmith, road side assistance service or other emergency service.

Jobs need to go out on time and have the relevant information required in them.

Out latest update now allows you to build your own job SMS format using “short codes”.


What Are “Short Codes”?

Short codes are a common name for text that is replaced with dynamic data in your account. You may have noticed short codes being used on your document templates and custom client notifications.

Each short code represents a value from the actual job that the message is sent for, and will be replaced when sent to your tech.

{{full_name}} will be replaced with the client’s first and last name.
{{confirm_link}} will be replaced with the job’s confirmation link.

So now you can compose any message in any format with all the information you need, or even remove unnecessary information to keep your messages from splitting in two.


Changing your SMS format

To make changes to your job SMS format, navigate to “My Account” from the left-hand navigation panel and click the “SMS settings” tab.


The “SMS Format” text area holds the format of your outgoing job SMS.

You can make changes to the text or click on any of the short code tags highlighted in blue to paste within a short code.

At any point you can revert back to the default message by clicking the “Restore Default” button. All change will be saved automatically for you.

If you need any help making changes, remember we are here for you. Give us a call at (855) 790-7363 with any questions that you might have.

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