We’re Changing Our Name To Workiz And Here’s Why That’s Awesome


I wanted to let you know about a really exciting change that we’ve been working on. We’re changing our name to Workiz, and I’d love to tell you why. I’ve always believed that information is power, and transparency is always the way to go in life. So I’d love to share why we’ve decided to change our name and why we’re thrilled about it (and why you should be too.)

Think back to the time before you started using our field service management platform…

How did you feel about your work then?

Frustrated? Scared about the future? Or maybe just worn out at the end of the day, overwhelmed by the stacks of invoices and administrative work waiting for you….

Believe me….we know. We’ve all been there….
(Side note: Our founders are all ex-locksmiths so we really actually have been there.)

When we started Send-A-Job, our vision was to take our experience and create the most incredible field service solution out there.

One that would make work blissfully-easy, offer complete visibility into what was going on in your business and let you breathe easier at the end of each day, knowing that your business was in good hands.

But we wanted to also do things differently. We wanted to do things our way.

We wanted to create a field service management solution powered by the most state-of-the-art technology. The technology that could make a real difference to your business, and give you all the right tools to succeed. Bots, automation, business analytics and AI – these are the same technologies that corporations have traditionally held an iron-fisted monopoly over, and the same tools that large corporations are using to run small, field service professionals out of business.



Well, because all this cool technology is actually pretty expensive, when you get right down to it… And this creates an unfair dynamic. This means that the big corporations with the largest budgets get the best shot at business, while small field service professionals don’t really get their fair, fighting chance at success.

We didn’t really think that this was fair or right, and we wanted to change things….

And so…in 2014 Send-A-Job was born.

After a while in business, we started to get feedback from our customers. The platform was working! Not only that…but our customers were raving about how easy it was to use, how much of a difference it made to their business, and how much crucial intel they were able to learn about their business to make better decisions and succeed.

Lightbulb moment!



Around this time, it started to become clear to us that we were more than just a platform to send jobs – we were actually a vision for what field service professionals wanted to create for their business: a simple, intuitive and frustration-free way to manage their day-to-day field service operations, succeed and scale.

Our new name, Workiz (pronounced “work-ease,” just in case you’re wondering,) represents this vision to make field service as easy and frustration-free as possible. 🙂

We’re really excited about the future – and you should be too…

Right now, we’re only changing our name, but we have so many great, up and coming plans for the future. We have some exciting plans to leverage more great tech into our platform, to help you succeed in business. You might have heard about our recent “voice masking” service, which lets you easily connect your click-to-call ads with job revenue and understand exactly how much money you’re making (or losing) on ads. We have so many great ideas and cool tech initiatives planned for Workiz, and we’re thrilled to continue to share all of our ongoing plans with you.

Get excited….because great things are coming to Workiz, starting with a brand spankin-new name.

To infinity and below!


Adi (Didi) Azaria
CEO at Sendajob Workiz

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