You Can Now Add Jobs Directly From Your Incoming Messages

One of the questions we keep getting from our users who are working with referral companies is: “How can i add jobs without copying and pasting text?”

Well, ask and you shall receive. We’ve made changes to our messaging center allowing users to add jobs more quickly.

From now on, if you receive an incoming message to your messaging center in Workiz that contains parameters like: address, phone numbers and a client name, Workiz will grab that information for you.

All you need to do is click the “Add Job” button in the message itself and you will be taken to the “add job” page with all the details imputed already for you + the address verified by map and a metro area assigned.

Sync The External Company

For Workiz to auto fill the external company, you would need to help up identify the company’s phone number or email.

Navigate to Administration -> Job Settings -> External Companies.

Edit the company you want to receive messages from and simply update their phone number and/or email address so we know where it is coming from.

So, How Do I Get Started?

There’s not much you need to do.

Simply notify the companies you work with to:

1. Send messages to your Workiz address ( which can be located under My account -> SMS settings

2. If you are using Twilio, Simply have them send messages to your Twilio number.

If you prefer messages to come to your cell phone as well, you may add a forward address or send the jobs to your Workiz address.


And obviously, if you need any help or even want us to set this up for you. Give us a call we are here to help. 

If you get messages that are not being identified as jobs, let us know so we may improve our algorithm.

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