December 2018 – January 2019 Edition

The last month has been our busiest month yet at Workiz! We’ve released so many new,  exciting features designed to make your work as a service pro easier, more efficient as well as save you valuable time. Here’s a list of all of the latest and greatest features, now available at Workiz!

New Features List

1. Financial Restrictions
We made it easy for you to have maximum control over user permissions. Now, you can restrict any user role within Workiz from accessing sensitive  financial info, like job pricing, estimate information, financial stats in reporting, etc. So, the user will have access to view jobs and messages that were assigned to them and nothing else.


2. Recurring Jobs:

Our most requested feature of 2018 is finally here! This feature is perfect for service pros  who perform ongoing work for customers (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.), especially in industries like cleaning companies, pool service companies, lawn care companies and carpet cleaning. Now, instead of having to remember and manually schedule these jobs, you can set up and schedule all of your recurring jobs at once and in advance.

3. One-Click Stripe Setup:

We’ve made it so much easier for you to set up Stripe payments in Workiz  – with one-click set up. Now, there’s no need to drag your developer into things and go through the hassle of using an API key. We’ve made the process fast, seamless and intuitive. Of course, you can either connect your existing Stripe account or create a Stripe account during setup

4, Customize Your Web Form Colors:

Now, it’s possible to customize the entire color scheme of your online web forms within Workiz. Instead of just a standard white form with a green call to action button, you can customize the colors to suit your website, or company branding.

5. The All-New Invoice Dashboard:

The all-new invoice dashboard is the perfect way to see the status of all of your company invoices and send bulk actions – like sending all of your customers with overdue invoices a bulk reminder to pay.With an all-new look and feel, you’ll be able to stay organized, save time, and always know where your invoices stand so you don’t miss out on receiving payment!

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